The purpose of this page is to advertise and discuss various VW based ECU products. The first product that I am offering is a turbo controller for MTDI installations. I'll be honest, all you have to do is put a restrictor in your intake system, and you can limit the boost of your turbo for a normal MTDI installation.

For the customers who want more, I'm offering a turbo controller for the 1Z/AHU and ALH Engines. It will use the stock MAP sensor and stock turbo controller solenoid. There will be a few different options. I expect the pricing to start at $100.

The basic version will be a turbo controller with a multi position switch to adjust the maximum boost.

The next option is to add the functionality of a throttle position sensor. I will use the stock electronic gas pedal. The advantage of a throttle position sensor is to slightly increase fuel economy by keeping the boost lever low, at lower throttle settings.

Another option will be for an LCD screen. This will show boost pressure and possibly some other settings. I have bought some screens for testing and hope to have something running soon.

After I successfully bring the MTDI turbo controller to market, then I will start work on an aftermarket ECU for the VW unit injector engines (PD - Pumpe-Düse). I have an engine for testing and I have already test fired a unit injector with a crankshaft position sensor.

I was working on a VP37 pump controller, but I found it harder than I thought to read the position sensor of the pump. I would like to return to the project, but after I get the PD engine controller going. I have been a programmer for many years, but adding hardware to the mix is a whole new ballgame for me.

Look for pictures and prices soon. I will be selling them at They sell MTDI pumps for a good price and the products should sell well together.

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